About SatCom Law

Karis Hastings, the principal of SatCom Law LLC, represents a range of clients in the satellite industry on a variety of regulatory matters.  Karis has experience assisting satellite and earth station operators and service providers with virtually every aspect of the regulatory process, including:

  • Space station licenses and modifications in the fixed-satellite service, satellite digital audio radio service, and broadcasting satellite service
  • U.S. market access for foreign licensed satellites, including direct-to-home authority
  • Changes to a satellite’s licensing administration
  • FCC orbital debris mitigation requirements
  • Stationkeeping matters and operation of multiple satellites in formation
  • Licensing for fixed and mobile earth stations, VSATs and ESVs
  • Special temporary authority for satellite in-orbit testing, noncompliant earth stations, and new services
  • Preparation of comments in rulemaking proceedings on spectrum allocation, space and earth station licensing, and satellite policy issues
  • Transfers of control and assignments of space stations and earth stations
  • Spectrum sharing and coordination issues with terrestrial networks
  • Compliance with FCC foreign ownership limits for common carriers
  • Regulatory fees and fee refunds
  • FCC enforcement proceedings